UX Writing

Writing is at the core of my skill set. I was awarded best in my high school class, served as an editor of the NYU paper, and supported myself as a journalist after graduation. My 10+ years as a publicist transferred a number of skills and principles that strongly resemble UX thinking. The process requires competitive analysis, organized data synthesis, and testing new iterations to reach your KPIs. Above all, it requires strong command of language and the ability to anticipate my audience's needs. It's been a natural transition towards UX Writing, which calls upon my experience to create clear, concise, and useful calls to action. Below are some key examples of these works.

 Click to reveal two samples of Drip.fm newsletters

Click to reveal two samples of Drip.fm newsletters

Editorial Director

Drip began as an innovative startup that enabled record labels to connect closely with their fans. It now operates within Kickstarter, but I joined the team when it was still an independent entity and in need of a stronger brand voice.

As its Editorial Director, I was tasked with developing an identity for the subscription platform itself, which would enable Drip to cross-promote labels by tapping into its current community to increase conversion across the board. I created a blog with original content that often included feature interviews with the labels' founders or its highlighted artists.

UX practices were implemented by sending out surveys to gather quantitative info on users, and results were paired with analytics data to A/B test our newsletters to increase open and click through rates.

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UX Designer/Writer

OONI is a virtual reality studio that's created VR adaptations of renowned photography exhibitions. These immersive experiences were built for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but the OONI Showcase is an iOS app that demonstrates the studio's ability to design for mobile VR.

As its UX Designer, I worked with the app's lead Unity developer to create a simple experience for potential collaborators. My copy guides users through the welcome screen, floor tracking, loading screen, and room transitions. They were inspired by competitive research and validated by light user testing.

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Top: original hero image on home screen; Bottom: updated version

UX Consultant, UI Testing

Books That Grow is a web-based educational app, and my focus was to reimagine its website with two other UX designers. Utilizing content strategy, user research, and web analytics, we completed a thorough evaluation. I focused heavily on the site's UI copy to guide our redesigns with the KPIs of increasing conversion and decreasing bounce rates.

The site's buttons and needed more clarity and consistency, and usability tests revealed which calls to action would be best.  Three different types of content were labeled as demos, but later renamed as teacher guides, video tutorials, and reading samples. A trial version of the app was brought to the forefront on nearly every key screen so potential users could access and explore.

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 Click to reveal full screen of Headspace.com/VR sample

Click to reveal full screen of Headspace.com/VR sample

Project Manager, UX Writer

I managed a passion project leading two other UX Designers to implement a virtual reality feature into the popular meditation app Headspace. While I focused on keeping the complex project on track during its tight timeline, I edited, tested, and finalized all UI copy to maintain consistency with Headspace's existing brand voice.

We had a large MVP, which included responsive desktop and mobile screens for Headspace's website to navigate to information about the new feature, as well as in-app screens with the feature fully implemented plus a VR prototype for testing and presentation.

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Click to reveal full press release

Senior Publicist

My press releases are carefully crafted to engage and guide readers and provide all pertinent information in a clean and clear manner. Links should be discoverable, and resources should be useful.

For more than 10 years, I've been commissioned by Planeta, Ghostly International, Wave Music, Omnian Music Group, Shark Party Media, The Planetary Group, and countless other freelance clients to optimize their exposure across digital and print outlets.

I most recently contributed to the official announcement of the iconic "David Bowie is" retrospective's upcoming release on mobile VR platforms.