Vicki Siolos
(See-OH-los. It's Greek. Yiassas!)
vicki [dot] siolos [at] gmail [dot] com


User Experience is the perfect mix of data and emotion. I’m able to produce solutions and express myself creatively while backing up my designs with heavy research and testing on real users.

Prior to UX, I worked for 12 years in the music industry as a senior publicist, booking agent, and editor. After representing artists that I love, and helping them to advance their pursuits, my current path is to foster a harmony between user and business goals in modern technology. I'm particularly fond of augmented and virtual reality projects and health & wellness products, but enjoy working on a wide variety of interfaces.

With a deep sense of empathy and razor-sharp writing skills, I communicate with users to uncover their needs, and present the information for an efficient UX process. My skills are supported by 7+ years of competitive research for PR clients, and I have utilized content strategy for 5+ years, including my time as an Editorial Director for a startup and UX/Content Manager for a product studio. Some key strengths that I’ve brought over to support my growth as a designer include: copywriting, content strategy, project management, database refinement, campaign design, and networking.