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The Double Diamond - established by the British Design Council in 2005 - has guided me through various projects. Whether working with a team or solo, there are constraints balanced with immense room for exploration, testing, and growth.


Research has always been at the core of my work. With a UX mindset, I can grasp a company's objective with 20/20 vision, and gather authentic insights from real users. Heuristic evaluations, competitive research, and analytics also reveal essential needs and pain points. Information architecture constructs a universal skeleton for all stakeholders to comprehend.


By synthesizing a variety of useful data, the information is processed into objectives to guide it to delivery. Establish personas to humanize the research, and find the overlap between business and user goals. Prioritize what will be modified or implemented to determine the MVP.


Like sitemaps, wireframes speak a team's universal language, and are ideal for initial user testing. I facilitate design sprints inspired by Google Ventures with our personas at the forefront as an advocate for their needs. User testing can offer more insight into the functionality, clarity, and discoverability without the distraction of aesthetics to influence feedback.


Deliverables change with each project, but it's important to provide updated user flows and IA when handing off mockups to developers. I have built prototypes that include:

  • Retail responsive design & feature implementation
  • Content strategy website redesign
  • Virtual reality component into an iOS app
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If you'd like to dive deeper, check out this PDF portfolio that elaborates on my UX process in detail.