OONI is a virtual reality studio focused on photography. Its releases include VR adaptations of Roger Ballen’s 2017 retrospective and The Eye Of Modern Mali - an international exhibition featuring the iconic works of Malick Sidibé.

These immersive experiences were built for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but OONI quickly began utilizing ARKit to translate their work to mobile devices. OONI Showcase is an iPhone app that offers potential collaborators a first-hand sample of this exciting new format.



I conducted research for best practices to help the developer create an intuitive flow. My writing guides users through floor tracking and several exhibitions rooms throughout the app. I also created an icon for Infinity - a custom, high-fashion mobile VR viewer - which appears in the app and on printed inserts for customers who purchase a viewer.


NYT VR by the The New York Times and Within were two relevant mobile VR examples for comparative analysis. Both cater to a large audience, and are among the institutions currently establishing best practices for this medium. Google Cardboard’s app and implementation on the YouTube app was an insightful bonus, as the product is the most affordable gateway to mobile VR.

Though the OONI Showcase has a fairly simple user journey, it's important to present an effortless series of interactions. Tracking progress needs to be clear while room transition and exhibition exits should be apparent.



The OONI Showcase has a limited amount of interactions as the app is mostly comprised of the viewer’s physical movement throughout different exhibition rooms. It's also likely that majority of the app’s audience would be interacting with mobile VR for the first time. Clarity is crucial since only a few screens can offer information or instruction.

I created several iterations of the following, influenced by light user testing:

  • Welcome screen
  • Floor tracking
  • Loading screen
  • Room transitions/Exit


Infinity is a mobile VR viewer designed by Slow and Steady Wins the Race, recipient of the 2017 National Award for Fashion Design, and created by Planeta, OONI's parent company. Pre-release samples were sent to potential collaborators, and I created a digital icon of viewer's unique contours.

The icon was built by hand in Sketch, and exists on the OONI Showcase’s loading screen, and will be on Infinity’s printed inserts for its public retail release in August 2018.

Clockwise from top: in-app loading screen, Infinity viewer, postcard inserts for retail edition. Front of postcard designed by Common Name.



OONI Showcase 1.0 was released on the App Store on January 4, 2018. It received one update with a bug fix and an added room.

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OONI Showcase is owned by Planeta - the product studio in NYC.